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Today more and more people need some help from supernatural powers and Aisha Haadi helps them to receive their attention. When individuals search the web for spiritual solutions they can find hundreds of options, starting from harmless Valentine's Day superstitions, through various love or luck spells, up to dark black magic rituals.



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Why does Aisha Haadi needs hairs for her spells?

Asking for the right biological components is the sign of honesty of the spellcaster you contacted as no effective spell may be cast without using biological material components related to the problem the spell should solve. Aisha Haadi, just as many other experienced spellcasters, needs some components from you in addition to everything else she needs to complete the ritual and create the talisman. Without biological materials, no spell can be even remotely as effective as it is when they are used.

Components and Spellcasting

The extensive use of biological components is typical to any mage, witch or sorceress. While Aisha Haadi's tradition of the Egyptian magic calls for more biological components than many other schools of magic, every spellcaster will need something belonging to you or the spell target in order to cast a spell.

Without getting deep into the theory of magic, there are two kinds of components: generic and personal. Generic components are items, ingredients and materials that allow spiritual energies to focus around the spellcaster and let her or him shape them during a ritual. Personal components are those items that are connected to you, your problem or the spell target. They are the only way to focus the spiritual energies onto any specific person or problem. If the spell lacks personal components, its effects are dispersed and barely tangible. Not to mention the fact that some rituals will simply fail completely if cast without proper and high quality components.

Of course, there are some traditions of magic that claim to be component-free. What people do not know is that they either do not work altogether, or rely on the True Names of all people involved instead of personal components. However, this is much more difficult and much less effective than using material components and is used only in order to improve magician skills, not to actually help others.

Biological Materials and Scammers

Biological materials are also a good way to tell true magicians from scammers. Most con artists do not bother with asking for material components – they are not going to cast any spells anyway and if the ask for components, they would need to reveal their postal address.

And even if they do ask for the components, they usually ask for either too much or not enough. For example, love spells always require something related to the spell subject – a few hairs, tears or a piece of nail. Sometimes the spell may also need similar items belonging to the spell target. However, the love spell never calls for items owned by the spell target alone. ignoring the spell subject!

Also, the items that are only formally owned by the person are useless from the spellcaster's point of view. Avoid spell casters who claim that such things as books may carry enough person's soul to be effective spell components. Either it is something very personal or the spell will not work properly. Everyone who claims otherwise is either inexperienced or plainly a con artist.

Aisha Haadi does not ask for much, but she asks for the right things. Her website, is one of the few places in the Internet where people may get real supernatural help with no risk of being conned out of their money.


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Spells Scams Frauds

In Aisha Haadi Blog we can find some very useful warnings about the most frequent spell scams and the ways to avoid them.


Spell Success

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How can you achieve success with love spells? What should you do to find the right person and make him or her love you until the end of time?